It is well known that with the rapid advancement of industries and various other commercial and business establishments in the country, security has become a basic necessity for safety of machinery, material, men, valuable belongings, important documents etc., against sabotage, pilferage, theft and fire in this modern life. So many problems creep up due to inadequate security arrangements. You may also be experiencing the following common problems with your present or self engaged security set up.

1. They may not be up to the required standards of smartness, efficiency, turnout and physical fitness.
2. They may be lacking in security and detective knowledge.
3. They may be having some link with trade unions and may participate in union activities at the time of labours dispute and strikes etc.
4. They may develop affinity and soft corner for workers of your organization with the result that they fail to exercise proper control and check on them and instead of extending any cooperation they cause more headaches for the management.We are leading security provider in many parts of India.

We are providing all type of security services like; Project Management, Cash Management, HR Outsourcing, Ex Army Gunman, Security Guards and Security Officers etc.

  Trained Non-Armed & Armed Guards
We have trained non-armed & armed security guards to provide the best security to our clients. Our guards are specially trained for hand-to-hand combat and armed handling in critical situations. We have around 6000 guards including gunmen, some of are guards are equipped with cane shield and body protectors for special circumstances.
  Female Security Guards
Privacy is a major factor with females, hence to provide the personal security to our female clients, we have tranined female security guards are with us, who are providing personal security to female clients. Our female guards are also trained to use weapons and are experts in martial arts.
  Detective Services
Besides the regular security services, we also provide detective services for our clients. We have special experts in our organization, who have been retired from departments like, Intelligence Bureau, Special Task Force (STF) etc We also have trained dog squad with us for providing detective serivces.
  We have provided security services to almost all major states in India like; Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Assam, West Bengal, Uttranchal, Delhi, Maharashtra, J&K, Punjab & Hariyana etc. We are specialized in developing Security Strategies as per the need of clients and provide them the best solutions.
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