"Before I started DPPL, I thought it was just a venture to go to muck around and pass the time. Now that it is coming to the peak of success, I wish I had more time here, I have learnt so much!
When coming into the company formation, I noticed how much we are made to feel like we’re someone that is part of a good thing. That we’re someone more than the person that just walked in the door. I took from this experience a lesson that can be used anywhere in life. And it has changed the way I look at life so much. Now I am more motivated and have a lot of self-confidence. It helped me in all the areas that I was deficient. I was able to talk to corporate and figure out who I am as a person and what I can do.
I have achieved so much here, getting recognition, award Certificates, volunteering and getting references. It is great to see DPPL CV filled with things that I have done. Every day there was something different for me to learn and to challenge me physically and mentally. I have learnt so much about whom I am, and I have the skills to be who I want to be and to go places that I want to go.
My goals for the future are now big and bright, compared to when I first started DPPL and could not perceive a future for myself. I had felt insignificant and mislaid. DPPL is a blessing for me, and I never thought it would have these positive effects on me. I have tried so many different things that I normally wouldn’t try and been placed in situations I would normally be uncomfortable in. I pushed myself to conquer hurdles and the team members also supported me to do this as well.
Overall I loved my company and have learnt so much about other people and their backgrounds. I have met some awesome people too."
  Thank you DPPL team members!
(Dinesh Mishra)
Managing Director
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